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Creating Product catalog with angular 6 and Rest Api.

This post is about creating the front end to consume the  asp.net core API we created in part one. We used angular 6, Jquery Table footer plugin to create employer tracker table, similarly, we used the nvd3 library to create bar chart and py chart.

In this tutorial,  we are going to learn how to :

  • Part 1 – Create an Angular 6 SPA in TypeScript (Current Post).
  • Part 2 – Create charts with Angular 6 Feature Modules in typescript.

In this post, we will use angular  CLI to build the initial structure of the Angular 6 Single-Page Application (SPA) in TypeScript.

The Angular CLI is a tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain Angular applications.

Let structured our Angular 6 Single -Page Application(SPA) from  Angular- CLI.

Open up your terminal and install angular-CLI.

To install the Angular CLI: